Sorry– No House Concerts Until Further Notice
DesertSong Productions is no longer booking house concerts, because after 5 years We find that this community is not ready to support them.  It just isn’t fair to invite excellent professional musicians here with the likelihood of having less than 10 guests show up.
We have loved every minute of the time we’ve been able to spend, with the dozens of fine artists who have played here over the years, but it’s time to find a new direction, and support independent music in other ways.

Although we hope to resume house concerts eventually, we are unable to commit to any dates other than arranging showcases at local venues like Butlers Coffee.

If you live nearby and think you might like to host a House Concert,
use the contact form: Click for Contact form

DesertSong Productions still does open mic’s, charity, and various other live acoustic music events within a radius of about 50 miles.
Our calendar stays pretty active, so check for other intimate live music.

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